DUDE Clothing and the Fayetteville Chain Gang

Tour Heads North

After a successful tour of Texas, the Dude truck headed north across the southeast corner of Oklahoma and on to Arkansas for a layup in the city of Fayetteville. The flat farmlands of the Lone Star State with its long horn cattle soon gave way to the picturesque vistas of the tree covered Ozark Mountains.

Fayetteville, Arkansas and “The Chain Gang”

The Fayetteville Disc Golf Association or  “The Chain Gang” was established in 2009.

There are two permanent 18 hole courses in the city of Fayetteville: Waxhaws DGC at Walker Park, established in 2015, and Northshore DGC at Lake Fayetteville. Many of the local elementary schools have 9 hole “EDGE” courses installed on their property.

The next day we set up at the WaxHaws Disc Golf Course for a Pro Clinic followed by a random draw Doubles Tournament that afternoon. The carpark quickly filled with local disc golfers, eagerly registering and talking all things disc golf.

The Pro Clinic was run by Dude ambassadors and professional disc golfers Gregg Barsby and Matt Bell who answered many questions and demonstrated various throwing and putting techniques.

After the clinic and keen to put this newly acquired knowledge into practice, 26 double teams teed off in search of the prizes offered, and most importantly, bragging rights. WaxHaws is a technical and heavily wooded course with extremely tight lines and little room for error, as many players quickly discovered.

Unfortunately, the severe thunderstorms and rain we had outrun leaving Texas the day before finally caught up with us, making conditions even more challenging for those yet to finish the final few holes.

Rain Doesn’t Dampen The Mood

The enthusiasm of the players, however, was not dampened and there were still smiles and banter as they handed in their slightly soggy scorecards while huddling under the Dude truck canopy.  As the heavens opened up and the thunder and lightning increased to biblical proportions, any celebrations were cut short and everyone quickly sought shelter and safety.

Having dried off over a few beers and pizzas, the results were finalized at Ray Mo’s house that evening. Five teams ended up tying for 1st place with a score of -7, and with no option for a play off the prizes were shared between those 10 players. Congratulations to the winners and all of those who played; it was fabulous to see such a strong local turnout and we loved meeting you all.

A huge Dude thanks go to our wonderful host Ray Mo, the man with the voice who could read the telephone directory and make it sound sexy. Looking forward to seeing you and the Fayetteville crew again soon.


Steve Manning