Pro Clinics by Dude Ambassadors

The 2017 season will see the introduction of the new Dude Community Events Management Website.

The Website has a few key goals, managing the tour schedule for the Dude Truck and Dude Ambassadors,  manage events either organised by Dude or supported by Dude and to allow different types of events to be booked for through this portal.

Events such as Community Fundraisers, Pro Clinics, Meet the Pros, and Putting Leagues are a key focus to drive our ambassadors to foster community engagement but the site will also be able to assist Ambassadors to manage opportunities to provide private coaching lessons and earn an income for what they do.

All Dude Clothing Ambassadors will have the opportunity to manage their schedule for events they are attending as well as any community based activities in one central location.

Behind the professional management is a focus to open this system up to any clubs, or communities who feel they could benefit from its use. Any member of the disc golf community will be given access to manage their events through its portal if its something that will benefit the community or clubs.

Dude Clothing believes in fostering community engagement and hopes this tool will go along way at making some tasks easier for clubs.

CEO Chris Finn spent 2016 driving around on tour throughout the USA, and it wasnt all about the brand their was a desire to learn how to assist the community of disc golfers and ambassadors.

” One of the main reasons i got out from behind the desk to tour was because you only learn how to help most by walking in the shoes of those who you aim to help, this is one of so many areas in which i am hoping to help out communities and our sports Ambassadors. I feel as a company, its not about just how much money you can pay someone or how much stuff you can give them, but you need to empower people to be able to help themselves. The education i had last year observing tournaments, players, clubs, companies, Ambassadors, communities throughout the US was priceless. I feel i have the knowledge to really influence some change in areas that can be of true benefit to the whole disc golf community worldwide. This Community Events Management Website is just one of the planned contributions to the disc golf world over the next few years.

We hope we can assist the bringing together of the community and our ambassadors by allowing fans to know where they will be playing or coaching in 2017 or requesting them to come to their town and committing to supporting it happening through paid participation, our ambassadors work hard they deserve to be paid. The plan is that this management system will be free to use for all, people can book and manage events and have a payment gateway to allow them to take payments for clubs and tournaments, offsetting any fees they may normally need to pay for booking events