How To Increase Your Club Membership & Revenue With Disc Golf

Golf courses have been a long-standing element in the modern recreational world, but in general, they have always catered to a pretty specific audience. Those who feel like golf may be too expensive or simply not the right sport for them may go their entire lives without visiting your club, thus limiting the amount of revenue you’re able to bring in. But what if there was a way to suddenly boost membership with minimal effort?

That’s where disc golf comes in, as it’s a sport that’s certainly at home on the golf course. Disc golf is a great way for a golf club to diversify its recreational opportunities for members and visitors, helping to provide an additional revenue stream for your organization. Let’s take a closer look at just how this has been successful for others and how you too can benefit.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Increase membership & revenue with Disc Golf

The Benefits It Brings

In general, the more services a business can offer, the greater their customer demographics will be. Adding disc golf to an existing golf course is no exception, as you’ll be bringing an entirely new group of people to your facility. The sport is growing rapidly, with over 3000 members in the Australian Flying Disc Association and even more casual players who are just discovering disc golf for the first time.

While there is some upfront spending associated with design and installation, the costs involved are nearly zero once everything is up and running. Disc golf courses do not take much more time to maintain than what’s already being done for the rest of the property, ensuring that this sport can bring pure profit to your organization. Imagine if you charged a green fee of $10 and five people came out to play each day. After one year, you’re seeing an additional $20,000 in revenue!

Real Life Success

Wondering how you can actually bring disc golf to your course? It’s actually not as difficult as you think, as team members from RAD have recently installed two disc golf courses on operating golf courses and have several more currently in development. Both golfers and disc golfers alike share the fairways, with the course designed in such a manner that allows for speedy and uninterrupted play for all participants.

A good disc golf course layout includes the utilization of trees, so generally our designer will focus on the more wooded rough areas off of the main fairways, even furthering the ability for both groups to play without incumbering one another. If you’re curious to learn how this can be done successfully, take a look at our installation at Thredbo Disc Golf Park.

Installing a disc golf course at your facility can bring even more opportunity during tournament play, as we’ve seen at Mundaring Disc Golf Park, an 18 hole dual tee layout. Since the course’s installation in 2014, the club has hosted numerous Australian Disc Golf Tour events and two PDGA Majors. The club also hosted the 2017 Aussie Open, attracting a large field of players from around the world including world champions in both Mens and Womens divisions from the US and Europe.

Imagine the ways you could benefit by integrating disc golf onto your club’s property, thus boosting both membership, revenue, and increasing positive word of mouth in the community!