Chatting With Kona Panis

A True Inspiration for Women Disc Golfers

As Dude’s youngest female Ambassador, Colorado’s Kona Panis is making a name for herself in the disc golf world. Her level of dedication and exceptional talent have propelled her to the top of many scorecards, and she’s really looking forward to her first touring season. We took some time to talk with her about her involvement with Dude and what 2017 holds in store for her.

Why Dude?

Many sports clothing lines don’t pay attention to the fine details of fitting a woman’s body like Dude does. The way we design our ladies’ wear is second to none, and Kona really appreciates how well the clothing fits her. She doesn’t have to mess with things being too baggy or tight; instead, they stretch with her to accommodate a wide range of motion.

For Kona, wearing Dude “shows people that we’re not just messing around, we’re professional athletes.” It elevates the game to “show the sport is to be taken seriously.” While she loves wearing her hoodie, Panis raved to us about the Ladies Tracky Dacs. She layers them with shorts on cool mornings, and is able to remove them easily once the weather heats up.

What 2017 Holds In Store

This year will be Kona’s first touring year, and she is really excited for what’s to come. She’s going into it on a strong note; 2016 brought her a total of four 4th place wins, and a huge advanced win at the 303 Open.

For Kona, The Memorial and Beaver State Fling are on her priority list. She’s heard amazing things about Milo McIver, the beautiful yet challenging course where BSF is held each year. Fountain Hills is also a special place in her heart, as it was there that she competed in her first big tournament of her career.

We asked Kona what she was anticipating from her tour, and she noted that “keeping a good mindset might be hard if you had a bad round.” She’s also well aware of budgeting so that she can travel to each event.

Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of pros tend to take time off in the winter to rest and give their bodies a break, but not Kona. She has no offseason, and is spending her time practicing and working out using videos sent to her from fellow player Hannah Croke. “I practice putt twice a day and am working on my form,” Panis says. It’s this kind of dedication to mastering the game that inspires us all to work a little harder!

One aspect of her game that hardly needs practice is Kona’s backhand. With confidence, she states she has “perfected it for herself,” and anyone who has seen her throw knows she’s right! It’s her favourite shot to throw and we can see why.

Dude Clothing is proud to have Kona Panis as one of our Ambassadors. We take pride in supporting men and women players equally, and wish her luck in her 2017 season!


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