If you’re on the course and you hear someone having the time of their life, chances are that person is Gregg Barsby. Having perhaps the most fun out of anyone during a tournament, his high energy and positive attitude bring a breath of fresh air to the sport of disc golf. While down under for the 2017 Aussie Open, we spoke with Gregg about his thoughts on Dude and advice he has for touring players.

Embodying The Dude Spirit

The attitude of Dude seems to go hand in hand with the spirit of Barsby, and our partnership just makes sense. “Being a Dude ambassador to me means to really represent not only the company and the clothing brand but also just kind of a way of life,” he said. He places value on being easy going and open to anyone that he meets along the way. It’s always an opportunity for friendships and connections, he believes.

Describing disc golf outreach as “spreading the good word,” he appreciates that Dude is setting a standard for apparel as well as the entire industry, noting that they support touring professionals and really understand what their clothing needs are on and off the course. Gregg’s favorite Dude items are the Disc Dacs and the shorts, and knowing first hand how high quality they are says: “Those two trump the competition when it comes down to it. There’s nothing that really comes close in my opinion.”

He hopes that in 2017 there will be a few more items to choose from, but really just thinks Dude will continue to build upon the solid foundation they’ve worked to achieve.

What Makes For A Successful Tour?

Barsby promotes solid planning as a fundamental part of his tour. He should know – it’s his 15th touring season. For both pros and ams hitting the road, he offers this sage wisdom: “My advice would be to make sure you know your game really well and make sure you have an adequate amount of discs that are backups, because you can lose discs at every event. If you’re only relying on a few, when those are gone your game’s gone with it.”

Although he’s quite social and thanks his friends for being an integral part of making a successful tour, Gregg also points to the solo aspect of touring. It’s important for him to have a sense of self-sufficiency, and he strongly suggests to “[get] all your ducks in a line before you get out there.” Since it can be hard to coordinate so many people’s schedules, Barsby says you should have your own schedule set up and not rely on someone else’s.

Tour life is a grind, and during his off season, Gregg likes to let his body and mind rest a bit. He loves being home for the holidays to see his friends and family. 2017 will bring a packed schedule for him, with first time visits to both Norway and Iceland.

A Few Additional Thoughts

It’s always fun to find out what shots players like to throw, and we got a great answer from Gregg: “any of them that go in!” In reality though, he is a big fan of rollers, finding that while they are unpredictable for others, he says it’s not a gamble for him.

Another fun fact? If Gregg wasn’t a touring pro, he sees himself involved in the music industry or working in a fabrication shop. “I have a passion for welding,” he says.

If you see Gregg during the tour this year, go up and say hello to him! He’s such a bright light of positivity on the course, and we at Dude really appreciate having him as part of our team.