Beaver State Fling Day 2 Gives Spectators A Show

Is it still considered moving day if the top players don’t really move a lot? Today’s scores didn’t see enough variation to change tomorrow’s lineup, and once again showed the gallery why these players always rise to the highest ranks. Despite the fickle forecast and massive backups, our lead card pushed through to create what will be an incredible showing on Sunday.


Putting The Pedal To The Medal

Ricky Wysocki knew that today was the day to make some magic happen, as his best chance of taking home the 2017 BSF win is to start off Sunday’s round within striking distance of Paul McBeth. He did just that, shooting a hot 11 down and earning him the second place position going into tomorrow. His 1072 rated performance didn’t seem to be hampered by the sometimes oppressive rain, nor did he lose momentum during the round’s multiple backups.

Spectators often found themselves waiting half an hour at some holes, as at least three to four cards were backed up on the West course at varying times. Though the waiting can be hard on one’s mental game, the players stayed occupied by chatting and stretching to make sure they stayed loose.

The rest of the lead card scored impressive numbers despite the conditions, with McBeth shooting a -7, Eagle McMahon carding a -4, and a fresh face to the top card Anthony Barela doing work and ending his round at 6 down. Paul will lead the pack on Sunday with a total of 23 down, with Wysocki close behind at -21. Both McMahon and Barela currently sit at -18.


Running Away With The Win

On the ladies side of things, Paige Pierce put on an incredible performance once again, scoring her third consecutive 1000+ rated round of the weekend. Despite her quick and unexpected trip back home during the Utah Open last weekend, Pierce arrived in Oregon with the determination to win. She was the only woman to shoot under par today with a 57 on the grueling par-61 Milo East course.

Sunday’s round will really be a battle for second place for the pro women, as Catrina Allen, Valarie Jenkins, and Sarah Hokom are all one stroke apart. Pierce leads the pack with a 15 stroke head start over Allen, who sits at +7 for the tournament. Jenkins ended the day with a total of 8 over, and Hokom rounds out the lead card at 9 over in total.


Will There Be A Big Show?

The men’s final round will be played on the East course, where in years past McBeth’s back-to-back eagles have stolen the thunder from other players. With a close race to finish out the event, who will play smart and who will be gutsy and push for the win? Stay up to date on live scoring to catch all the action and see who takes home the title at the 2017 Beaver State Fling.


Written by Courtney Elder