Bud Hill was like being home with Family

With Fayetteville in the rear vision mirror it was time for the Dude RV to hit Highway 40 East and head on into Memphis for a series of upcoming events. As we pulled into Bud Hill which was to be our base camp for the next few days I looked around and there was nothing but huge grins on all the faces around me, this was going to be fun.

No sooner had we pulled up when Mr Danny the owner rode on down on his Gator, ready with a handshake and a huge warm welcoming smile. “Welcome y’all and make yourself at home here.” he said with his distinctive Memphis twang. We quickly unhitched the RV as everyone was keen to see the course we had heard so much about.

We were soon driving up the gravel roadway past the old abandoned house and various farming equipment, some still used and some now being reclaimed by nature. As the course came into view and being from Australia where water is not so abundant, I was immediately struck by the acres and acres of lush, manicured green grass which was bordered by green forest and broken up with small ponds.

The gravel roadway ended in a small carpark next to a rustic timber clubhouse set on a small hill under a enormous pine tree overlooking the course. Mr Danny showed us around explaining some of the memorabilia that was on display and shared a few stories and anecdotes with us. I am sure if those walls could talk there would be tales enough to fill a library or three.

The Bud Hill experience

Grabbing our discs we headed out to play the course and immerse ourselves fully in the Bud Hill experience. We soon learnt that despite each hole looking like a perfectly framed picture it was anything but easy with deceptive distances, elevation changes and cross winds to take into consideration.


The wide grassed fairways transition into steep moderately wooded holes with deep gullies and cleverly placed basket positions. This is a course where a good tee shot is rewarded with a easy birdie.  However, become complacent or distracted and you will be working hard to get away with a par or even a bogie.


One casual round was all it took to understand why Bud Hill is more than just a disc golf course and why it holds a special place in the hearts of many disc golfers. We finished the day chatting over a few drinks with Mr Danny and Ms Barbara, the owners and matriarchs of the Bud Hill disc golf family. We were looking forward to the events of the upcoming days and to meet the rest of the disc golf family.